These notes started off life as a result of a group of us (two actually) reading Semi-Riemannian Geometry with Applications to General Relativity.

Sometime later and because of a change in circumstance, there was something of a diversion into probability starting with a refresher (Probability with Martingales – one of my favourite maths books).

Interleaved with all this is functional programming and possibly some category theory (Arrows, Structures, and Functors: The Categorical Imperative – one of the best introductions).

Currently I am writing a book “Numerical Methods in Haskell with Applications to Finance, Physics and Machine Learning”

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  1. Hello Dominic,

    I am working on a new conference in London about Computer Programming :m ProgSCon. It focus on fundamentals of programming (Languages, Algo). I would like to know if you will be interested to give a Talk at ProgSCon London 2015.

    Please find an abstract of ProgSCon below :
    ProgSCon is composed of 24 talks and workshops covering 5 themes:
    Subjects specific to a given programming language. You know it, but do you know how to get the best of it? How to squeeze the last drop of performance juice?
    Which language is best in which field? How to choose the correct one for you?
    Must know:
    In our profession we have to learn constantly. Are you up to day with the new trends and ideas? Perhaps you’d like to get a refresher on good ol’ basics? (Functional programming, Data Structures, Algorithm, Architecture)
    Coding Practices:
    How to create a maintainable, reliable and performant code. See what others did and what made them successful.
    Languages 101:
    Learn a new language today! Directly inspired by Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, the workshops and talks in this section will introduce you to a new programming language.
    Soft sides:
    We are all geeks. Be proud of it! History, Sociology and Urban legends about programming and programmers.

    Best Regards,
    David Gimelle

    • I am flattered to be asked but I don’t think my current interests are a good fit with the stated aims of your conference.

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